About Us

About us

Focus on the existing and sustainable development problems of the industry, and provide solutions through technological innovation.



Learn about the latest company, productss, business news and technological developments of SHEMAR POWER. Every day, SHEMAR is bringing safer and more economical electric energy closer to you.



Building a new generation of power system with new materials and technologies.

Social Responsibility

Be valuable only by creating value



While gaining development, the company has never forgotten to fulfill its social responsibilities, actively invest in charity and public welfare undertakings, and strive to be a model of entrepreneurial innovation, green environmental protection, and return to society. The chairman of SHEMAR, Bin Ma, was successively awarded the honorary titles of "Charity Star" in Rugao City, Nantong City and Jiangsu Province. In March 2019, Jiangsu SHEMAR Electric Power Co., Ltd. was awarded the honorary title of "Charity Star Unit" by the Rugao Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government.

For many years, the company has been eagerly paying attention to the corresponding help provided by the disadvantaged groups in society and within its capacity. By setting up a charity donation department internally, setting a charity fund budget every year, and fulfilling the annual social donation plan. The scope of donations includes education donations (Hope Project, Hope Primary School assistance, inspirational scholarships, work scholarships, orphans to study), disaster/epidemic donations (Wenchuan earthquake donation, Yushu earthquake donation, new crown epidemic donation, etc.), poverty alleviation and medical donation (perennial targeted Donations), employee donations, etc.

  • Taxation

    Total tax: The total tax paid in the past 10 years is 530 million yuan, and the average annual tax paid exceeds 50 million yuan.

    Tax rate: The average annual tax rate is 11.7%, far exceeding that of manufacturing companies of the same type.

  • Employment

    The company provides more than 1,000 jobs annually;

    Since 2014, a large-scale recruitment of fresh graduates has been carried out, with an average annual recruitment of more than 100.

  • Environmental Protection

    Sub-item collection and treatment of pollutants: toluene, acetone, non-methane total hydrocarbons, particulate matter sub-item recovery treatment;

    Targeted environmental protection treatment for multiple types of workshops: targeted environmental protection treatment measures have been taken in workshops such as winding, curing, compounding, and rubber refining workshops. Energy saving and emission reduction effects: China Quality Certification Center annual greenhouse gas verification, and strict compliance with ISO14064-1: 2006 for greenhouses Gas conduct.

    The company has obtained the "Energy Management System Certification Certificate" issued by CQC and the "Green Footprint Evaluation Certificate" issued by China Quality Certification Center. Compared with 2015, as production capacity continues to increase, carbon emissions from production have been reduced by 40%.