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About us

Focus on the existing and sustainable development problems of the industry, and provide solutions through technological innovation.



Learn about the latest company, productss, business news and technological developments of SHEMAR POWER. Every day, SHEMAR is bringing safer and more economical electric energy closer to you.



Building a new generation of power system with new materials and technologies.

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Message From Chairman

I started SHEMAR in 1996 with initially a simple idea of running a good business and making more money.

Over the years, my thoughts have changed, knowing what the pursuit of corporate development is for, and what the greatest meaning of human lives in the world is - that is, to create value for society! This change in understanding is due to our staff, suppliers, customers, industry experts and the leadership of the Party committees and all governmental authorities. It is due to their dedication and support that Shemar has grown from scratch and from a small company to a large enterprise over the past 24 years. I understand the reason for such dedication from all parties: we all want to create value for society and thus realize the value of our own lives. You have taught me through your practical actions that only by creating value for all parties concerned can a company win the participation of all sectors of society, thus achieving the goal of creating value together and developing harmoniously!

Thank you all for clarifying the direction of SHEMAR's development, and thank you for letting me know what life is all about. All SHEMAR staff will also always move forward on this path with gratitude.

Company Honor

Since SHEMAR’s establishment, it has always followed the law and promoted the progress of the industry through technological innovation. In the process of development, based on the great value and benefits created by the company's products and solutions for the society and power grid, the company has won many national, provincial and ministerial awards.

  • 2020

    Top 100 Innovative Enterprises in Jiangsu Province

  • 2019

    Jiangsu Charity Star

  • 2018

    National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise

  • 2017

    Contract-abiding and credit-worthy enterprise in Jiangsu Province

  • 2016

    Famous Brand Products in Jiangsu Province

  • 2015

    China Southern Power Grid Corporation Science and Technology Progress Award

Development Guarantee

  • Technology innovation

    Leading the development direction of global power external insulation

  • Intelligent manufacturing

    Improving the efficiency of product production management and the ability of on-time delivery

  • Management innovation

    Business management process optimization, and continuously improve the cost performance of products

  • Marketing network

    Business are over more than 100 countries and regions

  • Corporate culture

    Values: Be valuable only by creating value. Creating value means be valuable

Investor Relations

According to the requirements of relevant laws, regulations and normative documents such as company law and securities law, SHEMAR has established a governance structure composed of the general meeting of shareholders, the board of directors and the board of supervisors. The shareholders' meeting, the board of directors and the board of supervisors are the highest authority, main decision-making and supervision organizations of the company. The three parties together with the management of the company have established an operation mechanism involves clear division of labor, mutual cooperation and mutual balance.

Social Responsibility

At the same time of development, SHEMAR has never forgotten to fulfill its social responsibility, actively participate in charity and public welfare, and strive to be a model of entrepreneurship and innovation, green environmental protection, and return to society.

Environmental Protection